Keep the weight down, and the skin glowing!

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In today’s reality, it is easy to ‘lose’ ourselves worrying about our, and our loved ones’, health, our family being kept safe, and taking care of everyday struggles. Despite the pandemic forcing us to stay home, time for self-love and self-care remains ever elusive, almost always ranked at the bottom of our priorities.

Watching our weight becomes even more difficult, as many self-help fads require time to accomplish, and taking care of our skin nolonger seems as important since social interactions are deemed too risky. This has resulted to many experiencing new problems, such as obesity and acne, with their accompanying health effects (i.e. heart problems, anxiety).

What it can do

Get the right ingredients in the body

Proven and Backed by scientific studies

PURE- Natural Weight loss and Skin Glow was designed as an all-in-one drink to advance self-love. Infused with all-natural and all-organic nutrients to boost fat burning, as well as to promote healthy skin, it is the perfect companion to facing everyday worries without losing ourselves.

With Garcinia, Green Tea, Chia Seeds, and L-Carnitine, the body is assisted in burning excess fat, increasing metabolism, controlling appetite, and regulating bowel movement, all without sacrificing important nutrients. It also promotes skin whitening and health, strengthens our body’s first line of defense, and addresses breaks such as acne and other skin conditions, with its rich supply of Collagen, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Grape Seed, Glutathione, and Stevia. Bring back the best YOU with PURE

A synergy powerful and active botanicals
anjuse, uterine health, fertility, PCOS, organic ingredients

Three steps to purity

PURE's ingredients help manage & curb cravings by providing you with a sweet, healthy drink without the harmful effects of sugar. Ingredients like garcinia & L-carnitine help suppress appettite

The ingredients in pure helps in flushing out all those toxins from your body and reactivates your metabolism to burn that fat faster. It also includes ingredients like chia seed & lcarnitine which improves digestion

Pure's contains ingredients that help with any skin concern. Its active & potent ingredients include Glutathion, collagen, grape seed that gives you the fresh, smooth skin and healthy glow without any harmful side effects

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Our Guarantee

FDA & Halal manufacturing

Prep a glass for yourself!


How many servings in each bottle?

Each sachet can make from 300 - 600ml. You can add more water depending on sweetness level. Our recommended however is 600ml

What is the dosage?

Just as long as you finish the whole glass/shaker a few minutes after you've prepared it, it wouldn't be a problem

Is there any risk of overdose

Pure is made from all natural ingredients. There is no risk of overdose. We, however, recommend taking no more than 2 sachets a day. This is because excess nutrients that the body can't absorb will just be flushed out. SAYANG!

Are you 

Yes! We are FDA approved and authorized to Manufacture and Sell our products globally, including the Philippines

How many sachets are there in a box? 

Each sachet can make up to 600ml of pure raspberry red iced tea. That's TWICE more than other brands (usually 250ml only). It also contains high amounts of ingredients to make sure that each glass gives you potent and effective results. Each box comes with 5 sachets

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