• Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator
  • Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator

Anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator

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 "In years of research and development we've come across studies about the body being able to heal itself. That same principle is at the heart of our product development. Our flagship , anjuseSuper Cell Rejuvenator is a combination of 10 Superfoods that help you protect yourself from degenerative diseases, and helps alleviate symptoms of sicknesses that drastically affect the quality of life "

HOW anjuse WORKS

anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator has over a dozen health benefits both for men and women. It follows a 3-step process in healing you






Is an ancient Japanese herb used to alleviate or prevent Stomach ulcers, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Gout, Constipation, Allergies, Cancer, Smallpox, Food Poisoning, PCOS, Low Sperm Count

Also known as malungay, helps improve Bone Health, Vision, Cellular function, Iron absorption, Anti-tumor, Anti-cancer, Helps with Diabetes, Protects against Hypertension & Cardiovascular deceases

Also known as Guyabano helps Boost your immunity and heals wounds quicker, Anti-Cancer, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Tumor, Stress relief

Improves Digestion and Colon Health, Removes plaque in arteries, Balances blood sugar, Encourages weight loss

Components in Wheatgrass has been proven to help lower cholesterol and promote weight loss. It also helps prevent oxidative stress, kills cancer cells, and prevents cell damage

Purple corn helps in promoting your body's detoxifying capabilities. It also improves kidney health, Eye Health, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory

Helps prevent Diabetes, Reduces risks of pancreatic cancer, Normalizes blood pressure, Regulates heartbeat and also helps in weight control.

Spirulina reduces cholesterol & lowers blood pressure. It has Anti-inflammatory properties, Anti-cancer, Anti-anemia. Improves muscle strength & endurance. It also alleviates the symptoms of PCOS



1. Add 250ml Cold Water

2. Shake well

3. Drink

What is the dosage instructions?

We recommend at least 6 cap fulls (Bottle Cap) a day to start the rejuvenation process. After a month or two or when you feel that you have completed the detox process, you may switch to 3 cap fulls a day

How long will each bottle last?

Based on our recommended dosages, one bottle can last up to 5 days

3 Cap Fulls - 5 days

6 Cap Fulls - 2.5 days

Is there any risk of overdose?

NO. Anjuse is made from all natural ingredients. There is no risk of overdose.

Is this FDA approved?

YES! anjuse Super Cell Rejuvenator is FDA approved

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